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          Hubei Jiajia Food Co., Ltd. is guided by the development strategy of base, quality, standardization and brand.
          At present, has developed into a chestnut, vegetable base planting, processing and packaging, refrigeration, wholesale distribution and other industries as one company.

          ★ Jiajia food, sincerely serve you.
          ★ 6 years, specializing in Luotian chestnut,
          all kinds of fresh vegetables.

          ★ More than 100,000 Mu chestnut planting base, domestic
          advanced production equipment, state-owned new patented
          technology, annual processing of 3000 tons of chestnut
          production line,From source to technology, we ensure
          strong productivity.
          ★ The shelf-type storage of medium and low temperature
          cold storage, refrigeration storage, ventilation,humidity
          control to extend the shelf life of chestnut,
          the qualified rate of more than 95% and flavor

          ★ Direct supply to Hubei Huanggang Luotian Chestnut
          Township Luotian chestnut
          ★ Safe production, certificate is complete, get a lot of
          product certification.
          ★ Professional logistics long-term cooperation, timely delivery
          ★ The grains are fragrant, glutinous and sweet, ensuring safety.